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Australia and Korea Connect

OZKO is a change agent who is committed to connecting Australia and South Korea through meaningful quality educational opportunities and experiences that unite both countries.


OZKO is a specialist in creating unique programs that connect Australians and South Koreans through cultural events; educational opportunities; sports exchanges and tourism experiences. 

Our Team at OZKO (‘OZ Koreans’) have more than 50 years’ of combined lived experience in Australia. We have a deep understanding and appreciation of the two cultures and their delicate interface, which ensures bespoke expertise in all our content development, promotion, marketing, and branding.

"The only source of knowledge is experience."

Meet our CEO


Hallena Bennett

Hallena Bennett's love affair with Australia started in 2001 when she arrived on the shores of Adelaide as an international student. By 2003 she had officially immigrated from South Korea, following marriage to her Aussie husband.  Hallena has called South Australia home for the past 21 years.

By her own admission, Hallena is an observer. She has an innate ability to observe and connect humans through their lived experiences. Her leadership style and Homestay agency are testament to this sentiment and are reflective of her ability to cross-culturally connect the Australian and South Korean experience. Fueled by her observations, strong vision and sense of purpose ...


To everyone in Korea,

We want to share with you the happy and enjoyable lifestyle of Australia.

OZKO will be the bridge for you.

To everyone in Australia,

We want to show you the fun and exciting world of Korea.

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United as one

Motivate and influence one another


Unique harmonised and experiences


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