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Welcome to Wilderness School

Since 1884 Wilderness has been steadfast in providing an education that prepares each girl for the challenges and choices she will face as a woman and global citizen of the future.

The Misses Brown founded this School with the strong belief in the need for unlimited kindness in relationships, joy in learning and academic adventure, a spirit of humility and the balance between seeking individual excellence and success and generous service to the community.

About Wilderness

Bold enough to use her voice, brave enough to listen to her heart and strong enough to create a life of purpose and meaning.

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Student Leadership

At Wildness, we aim to provide an education that prepares students for active participation as responsible members of society in an increasingly globalized society, helping students build on their leadership skills to become respected leaders, acting conscientiously and responsibly. do.
Through the school's diverse curriculum and activities, students have the opportunity to broaden their leadership experience to promote personal growth and promote political, social, legal, cultural and economic equality for all people, regardless of gender, ethnicity or class. Enables you to build leadership competencies that align with principles.

Student Wellbeing

At Wildness, we believe that the well-being of our students is essential to their personal and academic success, and we see this as our mission.
We understand that the complex world of our students and the landscape of their future are constantly changing, and we respect the unique qualities of each girl and help them equip them with the elements they need to lead lives of meaning and purpose in a safe environment. I did. This develops students not only an understanding of who they are, but also the role they can play as responsible and respected global citizens and leaders.

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Because it is located on campus, the homely feel of the school is transmitted to the dormitory facilities. Our boarding house is a combination of traditional buildings and specially built modern accommodations, providing girls with excellent study, computer, recreation and dining facilities. Our experienced chefs take care of our catering services. They prefer to support local producers with a sustainable focus and minimal processed food access to our diverse menus, catering to the specific dietary needs of the girls.

Getting to Wilderness

30 Hawkers Road, Medidie
South Australia 5081

Postal Address:

PO Box 93, Walkerville
South Australia 5081

+61 8 8344 6688

Founded in 1884 by three girls and one boy, Wildness School is located in northeast Adelaide, South Australia.  It is a girls' school located in a boarding school. Since its inception, Wildness has consistently provided an education that prepares each girl for the challenges and choices she will face as women and as future global citizens. Wildness currently enrolls approximately 820 students from junior to 12th grade.

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